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Primitivo 2017

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Our 2017 Primitivo follows in the tradition of our Primitivo exhibiting a distinct white pepper spiciness in the finish. For a long time it was believed that Primitivo and Zinfandel were the same grape; we now know that they are in fact two separate clones of a single varietal, so genetically very closely related, but probably not identical. Their parent is an obscure Croatian grape, Crljenak Kastelanski, grown on the island of Split in Croatia. Primitivo is known for being a bit early ripening than Zinfandel, and having a more dry, tannic character than Zinfandel. In looking for similarities between our Primitivo and Zinfandel, don't look to Lodi for inspiration...our Primitivo is lighter on its feet, has more structure, less jam/more spice, with the earthiness typical of a Puglian Primitivo. Think more along the lines of an upper Russian River Valley Zinfandel. Currently only available to members of the Chicago Park Wine Society.

Appellation: Sierra Foothills

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