Mining Silver in Gold Country

Being a boutique winery among Grass Valley wineries has certain size advantages…1,500 case annual output isn’t a lot of wine. We also have certain size disadvantages…a 1,500 case a year winery isn’t going to be springing for a Publicist, PR person or “Campaign” manager. Heck, I can barely justify a gig-based “social media” manager. This

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I’m Making Wine, Naturally.

If you have ever visited us and heard me wax philosophic about winemaking, you know that I use a lot of labels. “Olde World”, “New World”, “Organic”, “Sustainable”, “Earth-y”, “Dry”, “Flabby”, “rustic” (my new, favorite word).  They are all ultimately short-hand for what can be much more complex dynamics. Here in modern American society we

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